Dunkelkammer 2021
since the end of April I have been working on copying the darkroom - where I have been working for several years - in its entirety & transforming it into an archive on paper.
I marked the walls and ceilings into sections - which I am now photographing piece by piece. finally, the sections will be printed on analog photographic paper so that the room exists as a photocopy.
the copy distances the depicted space visually as well as temporally from its physical presence - in its copy, the space emerges as an entity: each new printout represents a new space.
I can no longer say how many hours I have already spent in the space. While working in it I experience a complete dissociation: I am so concentrated on marking and adjusting the camera that I am no longer aware of my body. it is only when I descend from the ladder that I return to the physical sensation.

The realization takes place during the Arbeitstipendium Kunstfonds Bonn.

Dimensions darkroom: h x b x t - ca 4 x 2 x 5 m

documentation: Daniel Rodríguez