Negative drawings, copy and negation of repetition

In my exploration of analogue photographic paper, drawing and black and white laser printing or copying, I poetically interrogate entity and error as well as the processes involved in reproductive image creation.
My work includes photographic works whose negatives are hand-drawn, series of deliberate misprints, contact prints from laser printing, and paper objects and installations.

I am concerned with various conceptual aspects associated with copy and photography:

The implication of the existence of repetition;
the desire for preservation from loss through duplication;
the intrinsic value or identity of the copy in relation to the original;
the relationship of the copy as reference and original;
the temporal and social backgrounds that charge the making of a copy, especially that of cultural objects, with meaning. Through their existence, the processes visualise the spatial, temporal and spiritual distance to the original.
I approach the questions in a play with the criteria - their surface, their materiality, the format, etc. - on the basis of which a photograph/copy/copy can be made. - by which a photograph/copy/image medium is identified: Analogue contact prints of drawings of architectural elements point to the illusion that the motif of a photograph is necessarily a reference to an existing object. Exposed laser prints in photographic contact prints reveal the uniqueness of the copying process.

The processes of exposure, drawing, printing and copying, the enforced error and the supposed repetition are the actual motifs of the observation.

possibility 03; c-print; analogue unique; 76 x 80 cm; 2013